[Announcement] Goals for V0.2.0 + some IMPORTANT info

I have recently set up a poll on hypnopics collective to see how often people would like to see new updates to Sunlight Empire. A majority (77.2% as of writing this) prefer the game to be updated less often but with more content. That is I believe the direction I'd like to take things.

From now on I will only have releases when a sizable amount of new content (at least a chapter) has been written and added in the game. I will also release bugfixes as soon as possible because those are important for people to be able to enjoy the game.

Which brings us to the upcoming V0.2.0: It will include ALL of Chapter 2. Chapter 2, called Ave, Sylvan! will shed some light into the mysteries of the game but will also introduce new ones (because I'm devious like that). Equally exciting is that Chapter 2 is going to include a lot of SEX (and I mean a lot, and of various kind) so keep tuned in folks! I think I'll be able to have it out as soon as next Monday, so here's hoping!

PS. I'll be soon posting some more ARG stuff + explanations about all the secrets I'm planning to add into the game. It's exciting stuff. Peace.

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