[Talk][ARG] Goals for Chapter 3 + some other info

So Chapter 2 has been released and the positive response is simply overwhelming. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see people discussing the game and sing its praise. Thank you! It really makes my day!

Some of you might be aware that I originally intended to have Chapter 2 be at least twice as large at what was released yesterday. I quickly learned that was mistake. Having chapters sprawl out of control not only makes the story difficult to keep on track, but also increased the dev time of the game, because for every passage in the Twine engine I have to spend additional time testing and bugfixing (which is never fun). So from now on I will refrain from having too chapters that are too large and everything should be okay on my end!

Now to Chapter 3

Chapter 3, Ave Sylvan! Will have X meet a brand new (and very important) character. It will also see the return of the Growth mechanism from Chapter 1 (which I know a lot of people are big fans of). It will also include some very interesting secrets and at least 2 new joke endings. Remember people, you get a code for each joke/bad ending you discover so WRITE THEM DOWN! I will also release new ARG in the time following the next release.

As for when Ch. 3 would be done, I'd like to relax my release schedule yet. While working on Ch.2 I often felt the pressure of the looming release date, and I think if I keep this up, it might reduce the quality of the work, and that is a big no no for me. So from now on, new chapters will come when they ready. At the pace I work at, it shouldn't be much longer than a week/each chapter, but don't be too mad If there's a day or two of delay.

W/ all of that out of the way, allow me to thank you again for all your kind words, and also know that the Arcadian rules Arcadia.

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